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Let’s discuss how Adventure Time, one of the most gender neutral, inclusive, and all around awesome shows on TV right now has been designated the ‘Boys Toy’ in this month’s McDonald’s Happy Meal.

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    Should have Replaced Sword Finn & Stretch Jake with Bubblegum & Marceline. Or Had Finn, Jake, Ice King, & BMO for the...
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    And a brand with a guy’s name in it is officially a ‘girl’s toy’. I have lost faith in humanity.
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    I don’t get why there are still companies that push the boy/girl agenda now adays. I’m a girl, I’m gonna go in there and...
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    What is so girly about paul frank, too? This is odd.
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    So what your saying if I was a little kid at MD I wouldn’t be able to get BMO!?…
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    Let’s discuss how Adventure Time, one of the most gender neutral, inclusive, and all around awesome shows on TV right...
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