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David Tennant wedding: Newlyweds pictured a day after their wedding

David Tennant and his new wife Georgia Moffett were yesterday seen showing off their wedding rings just a day after their romantic wedding.

The pair were seen holding hands and smiling broadly at each other as they stepped out following their intimate ceremony, which was then followed by a raucous New Year’s Eve reception.

The Doctor Who star, 40, and his 27-year-old bride celebrated their marriage with a party at the Globe Theatre which included a fireworks display.

The couple looked exhausted as they were chauffeured home following the celebration, which was attended by Stephen Fry and Will Mellor.

It emerged yesterday that the couple, who met on the set of Doctor Who, had married in a low-key ceremony.

The couple already have a baby daughter called Olive, who was born in March, and have been making plans to marry ever since Mr Tennant proposed last Christmas.

Mr Tennant, who played the tenth Doctor who, met his fiancée when she had a guest role in a 2008 episode – playing the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny. Miss Moffett’s father Peter Davison, in turn, had played the fifth Time Lord.

There is not enough cute to convey how cute this cuteness is.

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