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I like cool nerdy things, and spend time collecting and reblogging such things, specifically photographs, and random graphics of shows such as those about asexual high functioning sociopaths and 935 year old men from a planet called Gallifrey.

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Ke$ha - Warrior (Deluxe Edition)


I know I’m not perfect
I know I got issues
I know that I’ve got a sorted past
And yeah, some bad tattoos
I’m not a model, I’m not a saint
I’m sorry, but I am just not sorry
'cause I swear and 'cause I drink…

Maybe it’s about the time
To let all of the love back in the light
Maybe it’s about the perfect place
To let go and forget about the hate
Love into the light

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
tell a funny story from your childhood
nobodybetterhavethisoneoriswear nobodybetterhavethisoneoriswear Said:


One time I was at camp trying to change into my pajamas but my top just wouldn’t go on.  Like, I got my arms in and everything, but I couldn’t fucking get my head through and then my friend started laughing her ass off and I was getting more and more frustrated because I just wanted to change as quickly as possible and it wasn’t working.  So I ripped it off my head to ask her what she was laughing at when I realized.  I was trying to put my pajama bottoms on over my head.





mamamadeleine The War On Equality For Millennials

christians for the protection of bronies. *dies laughing*

Fedoras for the Protection of Marijuana.

Or as I like to call it, m’arijuana.




"What were you wearing?"

I wore a red dress to work today. It has a zipper at either side of my chest that can unzip and reveal a thin strip of skin. A coworker, without warning, tried pulling at the zipper and when it wouldn’t zip, instead revealed a good portion of my collarbone and shoulder as well as my bra strap. An hour later, the same coworker came up and told me to not wear clothes with zippers because he’ll go right ahead and unzip them. I shot back that unzipping me without my permission is sexual harassment. Apparently a manager heard and berated my coworker. At the end of my shift, my coworker told me that my little comment got him in trouble and that he no longer feels comfortable saying anything to me other than “hello” and “goodbye.”

I am supposed to feel guilty for pointing out that he can’t lay his fucking hands on me.

So I wore the infamous dress at work yesterday and ANOTHER MALE COWORKER DECIDED TO PULL AT ONE OF MY FUCKING ZIPPERS.
We were surrounded by other (also male) coworkers (that did nothing) and I swatted his hand away while promptly informing him that he didn’t have permission to touch me.

He then asked, since he knows I cosplay, if it would be any different if I wore a revealing costume. I gave him a dirty look and told him that no matter what *I* decide to wear, no one is allowed “to lay a finger on me unless they want my foot up their ass.”

Being that I’m quite professional at work, they were all surprised by my language and the ferocity with which I spat my promise.

you fucking go girl

We don’t go around grabbing at the zippers of your pants flys, even though they’re “clothes with zippers” that might make us “go right ahead and unzip them”.

Why on EARTH do men think it’s okay to do it to us?! LAY OFF!

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Arctic Monkeys


You’re So Dark by the Arctic Monkeys

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what happened in roughly 1870 though

why was there temporary internet

with a few people searching for pokemon?

They wanted to be the VERY best.

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So Marvel recently announced the introduction of two fresh faces in the shoes of some of our most popular and recognizable Avengers. A woman shall be taking up the mantle of Thor, as Thor Odinson has been deemed unworthy of Mjolnir and thus, his name. Also, Sam Wilson will be getting a promotion from his role as Falcon, donning the stars and stripes as the new Captain America. He’ll be carrying Cap’s shield, but he’ll also be keeping his wings, so he’ll have a very unique costume, which is a sort of mishmash of the two looks. Meanwhile, Marvel’s fanbase has been collectively flipping their shit. So what do I think?

I think things look a lot less white and male all of a sudden, for one thing.

I think it’s fantastic. Yeah yeah, I’ve heard all the arguments against it. “Why not make new characters instead of changing the existing ones?” “This is just being politically correct for the sake of being correct!” But it hasn’t swayed my opinion. Marvel does make black and female characters. Heck, Sam isn’t a new character, he’s just suddenly getting a lot more press because he’s taken on the role of one of Marvel’s A-list heroes. Thor has had Sif for as long as anyone can remember, but we’re only having this conversation because this new woman is holding Mjolnir, taking on Thor’s name. And both of these names have been passed on to others in the past. Thor has been a variety of things, including a frog and a horse-faced alien dude. And earlier this summer we had an entire movie about a character that not only has taken up Cap’s shield in the comics, but will likely do so in future movies as well. So unless you specifically have a problem with these characters being female and black, this isn’t news. As for political correctness? That’s honestly just a fancy way of putting down Marvel for giving a shit about readers besides the while male audience who have been the focus of Marvel’s attention for decades. And it’s a pretty shitty thing to do to be complaining that kids that aren’t white and male are going to have a few more characters to look up to.

Look at all that diversity! That one guy is green!

I mean, look at that Avengers lineup. Every last one of those characters is a white male, aside from Black Widow, whose assets are pointed at the camera in virtually all the promotional material for the film, just in case anyone was about to forget that Scarlett Johansson is an attractive lady that straight guys will enjoy oogling. What I’m saying is that adding a little diversity isn’t going to overrun Marvel’s lineup with political correctness, it’s just going to mean white male characters will be slightly less dominant in the Marvel universe. And maybe this doesn’t interest you. Maybe you have no desire to read a Captain America comic unless it’s Steve wearing those colors. That’s fine. But it doesn’t mean Marvel is doing a bad thing by doing this, because to some kids out there, this is going to make all the difference in the world.

Remember Miles Morales? I was furious when Marvel announced his introduction. I didn’t have any desire to see anyone in the Spider-Man suit except Peter Parker, and I felt that Marvel was wrecking the character for no reason other than to blatantly pander to politically correct audiences. But I’ve seen so many young black boys who suddenly have an interest in Spidey thanks to Miles, and I even found that after giving him a chance, Miles works much better as Spider-Man than modern-day Peter Parker, who’s now been in the tights for so long that Marvel has to keep fucking up the story just to find new ways to keep Peter fighting crime instead of retiring to a happy life at home. But most importantly, there’s tons of kids out there who don’t connect with the Marvel universe because all the best characters are white and male, and when Marvel allows someone who doesn’t fit that mold to take on the mantle of one of their top-tier heroes, it shows those kids that their gender or race isn’t an obstacle preventing them from achieving great things. It gives them a role model they otherwise would have ignored. And that’s more important than whether Marvel’s entrenched fanbase feels uncomfortable seeing someone new filling in the role of a beloved hero. At the end of the day, if you have a problem with this, you’re saying that your attachment to the status quo is more important than inspiring the children who are often ignored and marginalized by media. And that’s just selfish.

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In case anyone questions to whom these belong.

Where were you Charles? You abandoned us ALL!
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I was lying on the beach where you fucking left me you TWAT


do not sexualize young girls.
yes, I am kink shaming you. 
because you should be ashamed of yourself
for sexualizing young girls, and
no one’s sexual liberation is more important
than protecting young girls.

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My variant of: (X)

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There’s something about that idea of ownership over your body that I feel is quite resonant to women. It’s so interesting that it’s in the context of clones, but it’s all women dealing with this idea of, “Do I own my body? Is my body mine? Who am I if I don’t own my body? Who am I if somebody else has decided all this stuff?”   - Tatiana Maslany (x)

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And then what, you make out on a pile of hot dead bodies?!

And then what, you make out on a pile of hot dead bodies?!

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I call this photo set “Oh Wow, I Had No Idea You Guys Were Moving!”