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I'm Heather. I design things, and take photos. Also: I'm a geek.

Apathexual. Curious? Read about it here.

I like cool nerdy things, and spend time collecting and reblogging such things, specifically photographs, and random graphics of shows such as those about asexual high functioning sociopaths and 935 year old men from a planet called Gallifrey.

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i’ve figured out that horror games with grotesque monsters and spooky environments are -0009 scary if you pretend you’re steve irwin on a mission to document the monster(s)

"Lookie there. That’s a six-foot grunt from the basement. A’hm gonna wrassle it."

brb gonna try this with Alien Isolation

tombraidercroft i want to try this!
Dear markiplier, if you could play your next scary game like this…

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  compliments don’t get people killed. 

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but aren’t these the same garden??….?

once again it is time to play “is the bbc just cheap or does this mean something”

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I am a princess

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Lindsey Stirling takes an unsuspecting crowd on a spontaneous steampunk pirate adventure in her new video,”Master of Tides.” 
Watch this epic live performance powered by 25 wireless speakers and captured by 15 hidden cameras.

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Well behaved women rarely make history

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Guys, this is a #cake. Like, the whole thing. It’s all a cake.

#food #foodie #NCStateFair


#Anna #Elsa #Olaf #Frozen #Disney #NCStateFair #crafts

Seriously, though. Today was the perfect day to go to the #NCStateFair.

#sky #sun #sunlight #clouds #weather

Bees? BEES!!!

#bees #NCStateFair

This is the #pumpkin that eventually becomes Cinderella’s carriage and I refuse to believe otherwise.

#food #foodie #NCStateFair

Guys, this is the coolest #garden decoration ever, and I’m not lion.

#moss #gardenart #plants #sculpture

You can’t see it, but the sign says he’s ‘Hay-ry Potter’, and I am in love. (Yes, it won best in show.) #NCStateFair

I need the world to know this exists.

#coffee #chocolate #Abuelita #Nestle #CoffeMate